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Safety Tools

Product Product # Description Price ($)
Barricade Tape
barricade tape
CT-1000 Barricade tape, Heavy Duty, 1,000 ft x 3" 10.00
Traffic Cones
Highly visible.
Cones are red/orange with a black weighted base.
Made of 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Stack for easy storage.
TC-18 18" Traffic Cone, Orange, 3lbs. 10.50
TC-28 28" Traffic Cone, Orange, 5lbs. 15.50
TC-28MM 28" Traffic Cone, Orange, 5lbs.
with 6" and 4" Reflective Cone Collars
PLY-N09 Water Soluble Gel. Excellent Barrier to
Aromatic, Chlorinated and Ketone-type
Solvents used in Industrial Processing. Also,
Phenolic Resins, Epoxy Resins, Rubber
Accelerators, Rubber Adhesives, Vegetable Oil
Products, Transformer Oils, Asphalts, and Coal
Tars, Vinyl Plasticizers, Polyester
Resins, and Fiberglass
PLYOTHOL An "After Work" Cream Formulated to Protect,
Soothe, and Refresh Skin Dried by
Environmental Exposure to Pitch Burn
5 oz. Tube
Tiger Grip Gloves
Orange Nitrile Gloves - HI-VIS Commercial
grade with unique raised texture for
superior gripping power.
Disposable gloves that will last.
TGG-XL Tiger Grip Gloves - XL, 90/Box 24.75/Box
TGG-XXL Tiger Grip Gloves - XXL, 90/Box 26.00/Box
TGG-XXXL Tiger Grip Gloves - XXXL, 90/Box 26.50/Box